Tenuta San Giorgio, a prestigious wine estate and wine-making company spread out over more than 60 hectares of vineyards around Maserada sul Piave (TV), boasts over thirty years of activity as a standard-bearer of the wine-growing culture and heritage of the eastern Veneto area, blending a traditional love for the art of vinification with skilled know-how and careful attention to the most modern technologies, all of which makes a contribution to the excellent quality of our wines.

Tenuta San Giorgio made its debut on the Treviso wine-making scene when it was bought by the Tombacco family in the early ‘70s, on the intuition of Sergio Tombacco, who had the foresight to appreciate the enormous potential of the estate and to realise it could yield truly first-rate wines. The first investments to be made in the new firm were aimed at replacing the old-fashioned production methods with high-density grape-growing systems, essential for the creation of unquestionably top-quality wines.
Its fortunate location within the “Grave di Papadopoli”, an entirely unique island on the River Piave just north of Treviso, allowsTenuta San Giorgio to make the very best of the soil and climate conditions of this strip of land; grava, or gravel, is widely known as being ideal for wine growing and for giving truly inimitable flavours and fragrances to the grapes; and nature’s work on the vines here is perfectly complemented by the skill and ability of the oenologists who over the years have fine-tuned the fermentation and processing techniques used on the grapes.
Tenuta San Giorgio has always been synonymous with ongoing development and growth in terms of both size and quality, and with this in mind, the firm continues to make investments that have allowed us to reach the upper echelons of the wine industry, offering a wide range of products that include wines of great prestige such asSauvignonChardonnay and Pinot Grigio: more than any others, these wines boast the well-balanced, fruity notes that are increasingly popular with the sophisticated consumer.

The land of the estate is especially conducive to the making of an outstanding Prosecco: the gravel is able to contain its characteristic exuberance, conferring, first on the grapes and then on the wine, those distinctive scents that other soils are unable to transmit to the full. Both spumante and frizzante versions are produced, and these wines are undoubtedly the crowning glory of the firm.
Exciting new challenges are sure to face Tenuta San Giorgio over the years to come, particularly commercial challenges, to ensure that the enthusiasm and dedication we put into tending to and enhancing our wines daily is fully appreciated and enjoyed by increasingly large numbers of satisfied customers.