The Cellar

  • Vinification

    Tenuta San Giorgio’s wines are made from the grapes grown in our vineyards, located on gravelly alluvial terrain rich in microelements and carbonates that give our wines refreshing, lively notes, set against a noble, full-flavoured background. The management of the vineyards is entrusted to a commercial agronomist, who coordinates and supervises pruning in the winter and all the growing operations in the summer.

    The aim of this work on the vineyards is to optimise the quality of the grapes, containing the yield per hectare and the exuberance of the vine.

    The white grape harvest begins at the end of August, starting with the Pinot Grigio and followed by the other varieties. The grapes are harvested when their aromas are fully mature and present a good acid content. The red grape harvest gets under way from mid-September, paying careful attention to the sugar content and phenolics. The exact time each variety is harvested depends on the particular oenological aims set by the firm.
    Crushing, cold maceration on the skins, soft pressing and settling processes are the first important phases in white grape processing. These operations are essential to achieve top-quality wines, as is the subsequent alcoholic fermentation stage, carried out at a controlled temperature and using only carefully selected yeasts.

    Temperature control is also essential for the red wines, especially during the alcoholic maceration stage, essential to extract polyphenols, tannins and aromas from the skins.

    When alcoholic fermentation is complete, the maturing phase begins. Some wines are left to rest on the lees until the following spring, while others are stabilised and filtered for use immediately, such as Prosecco, which undergoes a second, Charmat method fermentation in pressure tanks; others still are aged in barriques, such as Chardonnay and Merlot.

    All bottled products are conserved in the dark inside fully temperature controlled storage rooms.

    Tenuta San Giorgio has always adopted modern wine-making production machinery and methods, paying particular attention to the second fermentation and bottling processes.

    The wines made on the Tenuta San Giorgio estate reveal the secret hidden away in the very nature of the Grave, a fortunate blend of soil, climate, experience and respect for tradition.

  • Tasting Room


    The Tenuta San Giorgio boasts an attractive tasting room, where customers can book visits to sample the wide range of wines we produce.

    Our professional, highly specialised staff will guide the visitors through the wealth of wines the estate has to offer, ready to illustrate not only the particular organoleptic properties of each variety and suggest the most sophisticated food and wine pairings, but above all the ancient, noble values of the art of wine making; as they move from one glass to the next, visitors can take a journey through the particularly rich history of an area in which a genuine love for local traditions is ever-present.

    Room’s maximum sitting capacity with assisted tasting service: up to 25 people.
    Custom tastings available for larger groups on demand.